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Crytek May Be Working On Crysis 4

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Crysis 4

With the posted job advertisement, it was revealed that Crytek is working on a new AAA game. This game is claimed to be Crysis 4.

Finally Crysis Remastered Crytek, who came across with the players, was keeping silent for a while. Especially Crysis fans Crysis 4 While waiting for a move from Crytek, a noticeable job posting was published on the company’s website recently. With the posted job posting, Crytek confirmed that it is working on a new AAA game.

If we look at the published ad, the person to be hired is required to have at least two years of experience. At the same time, the person to be recruited FPS games The developer company, which stated as the reason for its preference to work on it, of the high budget game FPS It has also confirmed that it is the type.


Crysis 4 Claims Excite Gamers

If you remember, Crytek announced that it will release a new game belonging to the Crysis series with its announcement in the past months. According to many sources, this job post shared today is thought to belong to the new game of the Crysis series.

Of course, for now, it is too early to say anything clear without an official statement from Crytek. However, considering the last shared reports, Crytek’s a new Crysis game We anticipate that it will appear with.

Finally, you can examine the job post published by Crytek right below.

Crytek job posting

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