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Minecraft Earth Shuts Down – Technopat

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Minecraft Earth will bid farewell to players on June 30th.

Mojang StudiosPresented on October 2019 Minecraft Earth announced that they decided to close. Minecraft Earth is one of the popular block-based open world game for smartphones. augmented reality It appeared as a version.

The game was first announced in May 2019 and was shown at the Apple WWDC 2019 event. The open beta was opened at the end of 2019, but did not attract much attention. Earth used typical crafting mechanics to create their inventory and explore more, allowing players to see Minecraft characters and their environments in the real world.

January 5th As of, all paid transactions have been removed from the game, and many of the game’s mechanics have been made easier or more accessible for players to experience before the game closes. All of the changes are as follows:

  • Removal of real money transactions
  • Significant reduction of ruby ​​costs
  • Reducing time requirements for production and melting
  • Replacement of unused workmanship and melting supports with the same level of radius increments
  • A set of Character Creator items will be given to players who log in between January 5th and June 30th

Game 30 June and the game will not be available for download after this date. The next day, the Character Creator and Minecoin All player data outside their powers will be deleted. The remaining rubies from the game will be converted into Minecoins to purchase paid items on the console and PC versions of Minecraft. Also, anyone who spends money on the game will be given a proper copy of Minecraft.

Last month Minecraft Ray Tracing Note that the feature is available for all Windows 10 devices with the full version.

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