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New Nintendo Switch May Come With 4K Support

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Nintendo Switch

According to the refurbished Nintendo Switch claims, there are big innovations on the hardware side.

SciresM, a well-known data miner on the Internet, is a renewed Nintendo Switch announced the information he discovered about the model. SciresM shared with its followers that the information it mentioned is not absolutely verified and that the possibility of being wrong should be taken into account.

Nintendo Switch

According to research by ScriresM, the renewed Nintendo Switch model was codenamed AULA and the console Mariko He said he could use the chipset. Reaching the knowledge that the new Switch will have both manual use and the Dock, the docking station, as usual, the famous leaker, AULA’s OLED will come with a screen and the console 4K resolution He also stated that he would support it in some way. However, it is not certain whether the console’s own display or the docking station will support the 4K resolution. Perhaps we will only be able to support Dock 4K and have this experience from our TVs.

It is thought to be located in the renewed console. Mariko The chipset is known to be very good hardware in terms of performance and battery life. SciresM, which does not go without saying that there is a lot of speculation on the subject, Switch Pro he thinks the rumors may be this device. We will continue to share as new information becomes available. Do you think these rumors and research may be true?

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