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New STALKER 2 Trailer Released

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New Stalker 2 trailer

A new promotional video for STALKER 2, which is highly anticipated by the fans of the series, has been released.

GSC Game World developed by STALKER 2 A new promotional video was released for Posted new STALKER 2 trailer The improved graphics of the game were revealed.

2007 We also see that the sequel, which hosts the theme of the first game released in 2011, has also been developed faithfully to the first game. In addition, the production, which managed to stand out with its horror theme, manages to attract the attention of the actors with its graphics and atmosphere.

When we examine the short promotional video that has been published, we notice the developed graphics of the game. However, there is not much detail in the trailer other than the graphics of the game. Apart from that, the new game of the series is only Xbox Series and PC special attention is drawn to the fact that it will be on the platforms.

When will STALKER 2 be released?

For now, the release date of the new game of the series has not been announced. However, the producer company is expected to announce the release date of the new game of the series in early 2021 and share the details of the game with the players.

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