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No More Bots in CS: GO Competitive Matches

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With the new update for CS: GO, bots will not be included in competitive and companion modes.

The world’s most played tactical FPS game CS: GO has received a new update. The biggest change that came with this update was in the issue of bots managed by artificial intelligence. In Competitive and Companion modes, if a player leaves the match during the match, a bot was added instead of the person leaving, and thus the game equality was maintained. A new change has been made in this regard.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the newly published update notes, “When a player is disconnected or kicked in classic competitive and companion modes, it will no longer be replaced by a bot.There is an explanation as ”. So if one of the players in your team drops out of the game or leaves the game in any way, the AI ​​powered bot will not be added instead. In addition, if all players of a team leave the match, only a representative bot for that team will be added to the game. There is no information yet on why Valve made such a change for CS: GO.

Finally, let’s note that the update includes map fixes, some improvements related to character appearance, and technical fixes, as well as this big change.

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