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Real-Time Snowfall Arrives For Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Snow

Microsoft Flight Simulator looks much more realistic with real-time snowfall.

Developer Asobo Studio popular flight simulation game Microsoft Flight Simulator for real time snowfall announced that they brought the feature. In this sense, the game has gained a visual appeal to the winter season with its new update.

As you can see in the video titled “Let It Snow” below, the effect looks quite nice and adds more realism to the game. Note also that some real-time weather effects such as hurricanes and other precipitation are already present in the game.

Last month Microsoft Flight Simulator number of players 2 million was announced. In addition, 50 million flights performed and 3.5 billion miles 19 times between the Earth and the Sun were shared.

Again at the end of last month VR support The update that brought it was published. In this way OpenXR Easy going to virtual reality glasses Users who have started to play the game in virtual reality environment by going to the in-game menus and enabling the feature.

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