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She Could Be a Playable Female Character in GTA 6

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Another important claim has been made regarding the highly anticipated GTA 6 by the players. According to the information shared by the trusted name of the game industry, GTA 6 can offer players a playable female character.

Rockstar Games Although not officially announced, the developer firm seems certain to be working on GTA 6. While the new game of the series is eagerly awaited by the players, today it is one of the reliable sources of the game industry. Tom hendersonMade an important claim regarding GTA 6.

More Call of Duty According to Henderson, who has made a name for himself with the accurate leaks he has made, Rockstar Games will appear for the first time with a playable main female character in a GTA game. If you remember, with the leaks made in 2019, it was claimed that the female character will be included in GTA VI. However, no information was given about this claim afterwards.

In addition, Rockstar Games, as you know, has recently responded to the GTA VI claims that have been around for a while. In this section, the company confirmed that GTA VI will include story mode, and at the same time heralded that GTA Online will continue to develop and grow.

For now, it is unknown when GTA 6 will be released. However, according to the information provided by some sources, the new GTA game 2022 with 2023It is expected to be launched between the provinces.

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