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Source 2 Engine Can Support Ray Tracing Technology

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Famous game company Valve can use ray tracing technology (RTX) in the Source 2 engine.

Valve Source 2 its engine will be able to support ray-tracing technology, according to a recent rumor tweet.

Valve, which has made a completely different contribution to the game culture with its legendary games, can add ray tracing technology to the Source 2 engine. According to a Tweet shared by a user named Pavel Djundik on Twitter, the codes added to the Beta version of Artifact “Raytracing Shader“And”RTX”Lines were found in the Steam database. Artifact is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Valve, and uses the Source 2 engine. The official function of these lines of code added to Artifact has not yet been explained by Valve, but it is clear.

For example, games such as Half-Life Alyx, Dota 2, DOTA Underlords and Artifact are all productions developed with this game engine. Valve starting to test RTX technology for its game may mean that other games will also have ray tracing in the future. Especially for Half Life, the possibility of having this experience is quite exciting.

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